Jose Trezza

Amateur Pianist


Jose Trezza is an amateur pianist from Colombia, passionate about music, composition, and music production. He currently divides his time between a full-time job as Software Engineer at Koombea, piano practice, and musical experiments in his home studio, where he likes to unleash his creativity. His work in music ambit is available on his Youtube channel.


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Jose's taste for music started at an early age. He has always been attracted to musical instruments since he was very young, especially the keyboard-like ones. After he finished high school, he founded a rock band with some friends, but this project did not last too long; some of the members (Jose included) left to join a new project called Bareke Orquesta, a Latin music orchestra that was widely recognized in the region and won a "Congo de Oro" in 2012, an important prize given by Carnaval de Barranquilla (Barranquilla's Carnival, in English), which organizes one of the most important carnivals in the world and the most important one in Colombia. Jose left the orchestra in 2014 to dedicate more time to his career as a software engineer, but his love for music continues to this day, and that's the reason he decided to go back to the piano and music in general. He is excited to share his love for music with all of you.